With PreOrder Boss, you can give your customers a seamless and fast pre-order experience. Furthermore, PreOrder Boss allows you to keep selling more products even when you are out of stock. The app is extremely easy to set up and super easy to use.

For maximum convenience and efficiency, you can create Pre-Order Settings Profiles and then assign them to your Products in a few clicks. For example, if you have different Product categories, different Product Variants, etc. With Pre-Order Profiles, you can easily add pre-orders to hundreds of thousands of Products without having to manually specify settings for different Product categories, Variants, etc.

How to Create a New Pre-Order Profile

To create a new Pre-Order Profile, after opening the app, go to Profiles from the app's navigation menu. In the Profiles tab, you can see, manage, and edit all your Pre-Order Profiles. 

Click on the Add Profile button to create a new Pre-Order Profile.  

Next, fill out the corresponding fields to create a new Pre-Order Profile. By default, after you install the app, there is a default Pre-Order Profile that is pre-filled with the default settings for your convenience. When you create a new Pre-Order Profile, it's automatically pre-filled with the default Profile settings that you can adjust to your preference.

Profile Name: The name or alias of the new Pre-Order profile that will be displayed when selecting this Pre-Order Profile for Product(s).

Button Text: The text of the pre-order button that will be displayed in your Storefront.

Button Message: The tooltip text that will be displayed in your Storefront when hovering the cursor over the pre-order button.

Price Settings: You can specify different Product prices for regular orders and pre-orders:

  • Keep Same: The Product's price for regular order and pre-order will be the same.
  • Custom Price: The Product's price will be changed to the custom price when the pre-order is activated.
  • Increase: The Product's price will be increased by the specified amount when the pre-order is activated.
  • Decrease: The Product's price will be decreased by the specified amount when the pre-order is activated.

Pre-Order Quantity Limit: You can set up a limit for how many times a Product can be pre-ordered. Once the Pre-Order Quantity Limit is reached, the Product's pre-order will be automatically disabled, and the Product will be shown as Sold Out.

Pre-Order is Active: You can specify the preferred pre-order activation (Start Date) and deactivation (End Date) dates. NOTE: If you specify the pre-order's Start Date without specifying the End Date, the given pre-order will be active until manually deactivated or the limit is reached.

To save the new Pre-Order Profile with the specified settings, click on the Save button.

Manage and Edit Pre-Order Profiles

To manage and edit your Pre-Order Profiles, go to Profile from the app's navigation menu to open the list of all your Pre-Order Profiles. To edit a Pre-Order Profile, click on the Edit Icon (Pencil Icon) next to the preferred Pre-Order Profile.

Assign Pre-Order Profiles to Products

To assign a Pre-Order Profile to a Product in your Store's Products List, click on the Profile Button next to the preferred Product and then select the preferred Pre-Order Profile from the menu. Once selected (assigned), the given Pre-Order Profile settings will be automatically applied to the given Product.

When adjusting the Product's pre-order settings, you can click on the Pre-Order Profile Button and then select the preferred Pre-Order Profile from the menu to auto-fill the Product's Pre-Order Settings.

Product Pre-Order in Your Storefront

Once the pre-order is activated for the given Product, in your Storefront, the regular purchase button will be automatically replaced by the customized Pre-Order Button with the corresponding settings. The pre-order is automatically activated (assigned the Pre-Order Active status) when the given Product is out of stock or on the specified Pre-Order Start Date.