PreOrder Boss is designed to give your customers a seamless experience when making pre-orders in your Shopify Store. The pre-order app is extremely easy to install and super easy to use. Here are quick and easy steps how to get started using PreOrder Boss in your Shopify Store:

  1. Install PreOrder Boss for your Shopify Store
  2. Open PreOrder Boss in your Shopify Store
  3. Select a product and specify its pre-order settings 
  4. Enable pre-order for the selected product

It's that fast and easy! Once the given product runs out of stock, your customers will be able to make pre-orders for the selected product as easily as placing a regular order. Learn more about each step of the process further on this page.

Installation NOTE: For your convenience, the entire installation process of the PreOrder Boss app is fully automatic because we use automated installation processes like ScriptTags and Assets APIs. All widgets for your Storefront are installed automatically - you don't need to manually add any widgets to your Store's theme. 

Activation NOTE: The pre-order widget is activated in your Storefront only after the pre-order is enabled and then activated.

Install PreOrder Boss for Your Shopify Store

You can install a licensed PreOrder Boss app for your Shopify Store right from the Shopify App Store. Go to Apps in your Store's navigation menu and then click on the Visit the Shopify App Store button. Search for PreOrder Boss and hit the Install button.

Open PreOrder Boss in Your Shopify Store

Once PreOrder Boss is installed in your Shopify Store, go to Apps in your Store's navigation menu and then click to open the PreOrder Boss app.

Add Pre-Order to a Product in Your Shopify Store 

After opening the PreOrder Boss app, go to the list of your store products to add and enable pre-orders. To add a pre-order to a particular product, click on the Gear Icon next to this product.

Specify Pre-Order Settings 

Next, specify the preferred pre-order settings. You can change the pre-order button text, specify different pre-order prices for different product variants, add pre-order start date, and much more. After specifying the preferred pre-order settings, click on the Save button.

Enable Pre-Order for the Product 

After specifying pre-order settings, enable pre-order for the given product. To enable pre-order for the product, switch on the corresponding toggle next to the product. Once pre-order is enabled, the product's pre-order status will change to Pre-Order Enabled.

Pre-Order in Your Shopify Storefront  

Once pre-order is enabled for the product and the product is out of stock in your Store, pre-order will be automatically activated for the given product. When pre-order is activated, the custom pre-order button will replace the standard order button, and your customers will be able to seamlessly pre-order the given product.

When a customer clicks on the pre-order button, the given product will be placed into the shopping cart, from where it will go through Shopify's standard check-out process.

PreOrder Boss App Customization

For your customers' better experience and to better fit your brand style, you can customize how the pre-order widget looks in your Storefront: change the button color, text font, quantity limits, and more. For more convenience, you can also create pre-order profiles and assign them to different products.