PreOrder Boss helps you give your customers a more seamless and comfortable pre-order experience and enables you to keep selling more products even when out of stock. The app is extremely fast to install and super easy to use. Furthermore, with various pre-order customizations, you can configure PreOrder Boss to perfectly fit your particular business needs and unique business model.

Your Products can have the following pre-order statuses:

  • Pre-Order Disabled
  • Pre-Order Enabled
  • Pre-Order Active
  • Pre-Order Activating on [Date]
  • Different for Variants

To see your Products' pre-order statuses, after opening the PreOrder Boss app, go to Products from the app's navigation menu at the top to open the list of all your Products.

Pre-Order Disabled Status

The Pre-Order Disabled status indicates:

  • Pre-order hasn't been enabled or was disabled for the given Product.
  • The given Product's pre-order has reached the respective Pre-Order Quantity Limit and was automatically disabled.

Pre-Order Enabled Status

The Pre-Order Enabled status indicates that the pre-order is enabled for the given Product, and once the pre-order conditions are met, pre-order will be automatically activated (assigned the Active status).

NOTE: The Pre-Order Enabled status doesn't indicate that pre-order is activated (see the Pre-Order Active status description) for the given Product.

Pre-Order Activating on [Date] Status

The Pre-Order Activating on [Date] status indicates that the pre-order for the given Product will be automatically activated (assigned the Pre-Order Active status) on the specified activation date.

Pre-Order Active Status

The Pre-Order Active status indicates that the pre-order of the given Product is active and working. When the given Product runs out of stock, its pre-order status automatically changes from the Pre-Order Enabled status to the Pre-Order Active status.

Different for Variants

NOTE: One Product can have multiple Variants, and each Product Variant can have a different pre-order status. The Different for Variants status indicates that the given Product has multiple Variants with different pre-order statuses.