The PreOrder Boss app allows you to provide a seamless and fast pre-order experience for your Shopify Store customers. The pre-order app is extremely easy to install and super easy to use. In addition to giving your customers a better pre-order experience, PreOrde Boss also enables you to keep selling more products even when you are out of stock. Once the pre-order app is installed, you can enable pre-orders for your Products in a few clicks.

First, go to Apps in your Shopify Admin Panel's navigation menu and then click to open the PreOrder Boss app.

Next, go to Products from the app's navigation menu at the top to open the list of your Products.

To enable pre-order for a particular Product, simply click to enable the corresponding toggle next to the preferred Product. By default, the given Product will have the default pre-order profile settings. You can also customize the pre-order settings of any Product at any time.

NOTE: A Product can have multiple Variants, and you can individually enable pre-orders for each Variant of the Product. To open the Product's Variants, click on the Arrow Icon next to the preferred Product and then enable pre-order(s) for the preferred Variants.