PreOrder Boss is designed to help you provide your customers with a seamless and comfortable pre-order experience. Furthermore, the pre-order app's main goal is to enable you to keep selling more products even when you're out of stock. Here you can learn more about the Pre-Order Boss app and how it helps you make your Store even more user-friendly and profitable.


The Pre-Order App is Extremely Easy to Install & Use

The PreOrder Boss app is extremely easy to install and super easy to use. You can install the licensed version of the app from the Shopify App Store just in a few clicks.

NOTE: The entire installation process is fully automatic because we use such automated installation processes as ScriptTags and Assets APIs. All widgets for your Storefront are installed completely automatically, so you don't have to manually add any widgets to your Store's theme. Furthermore, the PreOrder Boss app is compatible with the same software and hardware as Shopify, so you don't have to do anything in addition to simply installing the app.

Enable Pre-Orders for Your Products in One Click

It takes just one click to enable pre-orders for your Products. Moreover, when a Product has multiple Variants, you can enable pre-orders for all Variants simultaneously. Alternatively, for more efficiency, you can add custom pre-order settings to each individual Variant separately.

Set Up Pre-Order Activation Rules

Set your pre-orders on autopilot - enable convenient pre-order activation rules. For example, you can specify the date when you want your pre-order(s) to be automatically activated and disabled. 

Customize the Pre-Order Widget for Your Storefront

Following your unique business vision and building your business brand are essential for your success. And we understand that! That's why you can customize the pre-order experience and how pre-orders look in your Storefront. Customizing the pre-order widget allows you to match your branding and make the pre-order experience more personalized.

Create Pre-Order Profiles for More Convenience & Efficiency

For more convenience and efficiency, you can create Pre-Order Settings Profiles and then assign them to hundreds of thousands of Products and Product Variants in a few clicks. Save time and forget about manually adding pre-order settings to each Product. 

Automated Pre-Order Price Changes

One of the essential elements of efficiency and productivity is automation. With PreOrder Boss, you can set up automated price changes so that the pre-order prices can be updated for hundreds of thousands of Products and Product Variants fully automatically. Furthermore, you can use flexible price change rules to set up any desired pre-order price updates.

Informative Pre-Order Statuses 

Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of pre-orders can be challenging. But not with PreOrder Boss! Use informative pre-order statuses to check disabled, enable, active, and scheduled pre-orders. All are color-coded for your convenience and automatically updated for more efficiency.