The PreOrder Boss Shopify app is designed to let you provide your customers with a seamless and fast pre-order experience in your Shopify Store. PreOrder Boss helps you to keep selling your products even when out of stock and keep your customers happier.

We would be sorry to let you go, but if you need to uninstall the pre-order app and lose the ability to make your customers' pre-order experience better, you can do it in a few clicks. To delete the PreOrder Boss App, click on the Delete button next to the app on your Store's Apps Screen.

After that, provide your feedback on why you want to remove the app from your Shopify Admin Panel (optional), and then click on the Delete button to complete the process.

NOTE: When you delete the Pre-Order Boss App, all pre-orders will be automatically disabled and removed for all related Products and Product Variants. All Product Prices in the corresponding Store that had been previously adjusted by the pre-order app will not automatically return to their original price values. Therefore, if required, you will need to manually change all altered Product and Variant prices back to their original price values.

Additionally, the Continue Selling When Out of Stock option will not be automatically removed or deactivated in your Products' settings/details.