The PreOrder Boss app is designed to give your customers a seamless and quick pre-order experience in your Shopify Store and raise customer satisfaction. Keep selling more products even when out of stock and keep your customers happy at all times so they will always want to come back.


Installing and using the PreOrder Boss app is extremely easy. Follow the steps below to install the pre-order app for your Shopify Store. The licensed PreOrder Boss app can be installed only from the official Shopify App Store.

To install PreOrder Boss for your Shopify Store, go to Apps in your Store's navigation menu and then click on the Visit the Shopify App Store button. After that, search for PreOrder Boss in the Shopify App Store, open the PreOrder Boss app page and then click on the Add App button.

install pre-order app in Shopify store

Next, read the respective terms and conditions and click on the Install App button to proceed.

add pre-order app in Shopify store

After that, read the respective subscription terms and conditions and then click on the Approve Subscription button. Additionally, learn more about the PreOrder Boss Billing and Free Plan.add pre-order in Shopify store

Once the PreOrder Boss app is installed in your Shopify Store, you can start adding pre-orders to your Store Products. 

Learn more about how to use the app in the How to Use PreOrder Boss Guide.

use pre-order app in Shopify store